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Legal information

In Vietnam, as in other countries, the organization of trips by a travel agency is subject to strict conditions. Article 40, Chapter VI of the Tourism Law states that any company engaged in activities related to welcoming foreign visitors must hold two documents:

  1. The license from the Business Registration Office of the city where the company is headquartered.
  2. The tour operator license issued by the Vietnamese National Tourism Administration (the government agency responsible for supervising tour operators in the country).

Established in 2010, Vietnam Découverte possesses both of these documents, allowing it to legally operate. The photo of these two licenses granted to Vietnam Découverte is displayed at the bottom of the page.

The company holds a business registration certificate with the number 0104499376, a statutory capital of USD 25,000, issued by the Business Registration Office of Hanoi city.

It also holds an international tour operator license with the number GP-01-182/2010 issued by the Vietnamese National Tourism Administration.

These certificates were issued after verification by the government service that the following conditions were met:

  • A deposit of USD 15,000 is placed with a bank controlled by the National Tourism Administration. This procedure was put in place to fully compensate clients recognized as victims of a breach of commitments (due to poor quality of scheduled services, for example).
  • The existence of a competent team with extensive experience in tourism in Vietnam. Guides must, in particular, possess an official authorization issued by the National Tourism Administration.
  • A set of material resources that comply with the standards for organizing trips (a physical headquarters, telecommunication equipment, transportation means, and more).

Beyond these mandatory procedures, the entire team at Vietnam Découverte also commits morally:

  • To provide quality services during your journey, regardless of its duration.
  • To refund any service that proves to be of poor quality
La licence d’un Tour opérateur International
No GP-01-182/2010


Le Certificat d’Immatriculation au Registre de Commerce
No 0104499376


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