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Mrs. DUONG Thi Lan
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Numerous travelers have embarked on journeys with our travel agency. After returning from their adventures, they graciously shared their thoughts and feedback. We encourage you to peruse these testimonials, which not only offer valuable insights into our agency but also provide useful information for planning your upcoming voyage.

From the high mountains of the North to the Mekong Delta' from April 16 to May 6, 2024 Hello Mrs. Duong,

As agreed, a little feedback on our stay. First of all, a big thank you for these wonderful holidays. Your country is magnificent with an endearing population.

The guides were great, mastering French well. We give a rating of +++ to Vinh for the southern part. The proposed restaurants met our expectations, and we were able to enjoy the local cuisines. The drivers were attentive. The range of hotels chosen exceeded our expectations, and we appreciated it. The tour is very well designed, but we have a small remark: on day 6, we enjoyed it less. We felt like we were walking just for the sake of walking. A big thank you for the cake offered for Nadine's birthday. The passengers were also able to enjoy a nice piece of cake.

We will not hesitate to advertise your agency.

Best regards, Nadine and Gérard.

Good evening Lan,

The rest of the journey went very well until Pu Long, largely thanks to Thien who quickly understood what we wanted to see (amazing hikes) and what we wanted to experience in our interactions with the minority ethnic groups. Thanks to our guide, we had many warm exchanges and shared beautiful emotions over tea, fruits, and bong gao in their humble homes. Unforgettable experiences in the villages of tiles, knives, incense, and weaving.

An opportunity for great happiness to experience the Than Minh festival proposed by Thien.

Thank you for the foot massage, which was a pure moment of relaxation... It made us want to book a full body massage upon our return from Pu Long.

We are truly delighted with our journey in the North, although we missed the good weather a bit.

A word also about our driver, who was extremely careful on the mountain roads and always provided valuable assistance with a smile for his passengers.

Looking forward to continuing towards Halong Bay tomorrow.

Sorry for the late message, but we just returned from the unusual 'train street.'

Good night. Thinking of you.

Patrick and Marie Perou

Ms. Lan Duong, good morning

As promised, I'm giving you feedback on our trip in May 2024 and if I had to give you an overall rating it would be 9/10.

Let's start at the beginning the contact with your agency and yourself as well as the communication in French is excellent, your warm welcome as an experienced professional gives confidence, by your responsiveness which is maximum whether by email or WhatsApp reassures us even more, finally your formula to adapt as much as possible to the client's wishes is most pleasant, Or to simply take your tour organized according to the length of the client's stay, I discovered that the distances in the mountains are counted in hours and not in kilometers between the many bends or the fact of climbing passes it will take time.

The prices charged are competitive and in line with the services offered and given for a 21-day tour in the north (budget to be added depending on the stages, lunch or dinner which remain very affordable between 80000D and 200000D, finally plan a budget for gifts, souvenirs throughout your journey)the dong is the currency of the country, the price is generally between 26 and 27000D for 1€ but to quickly convert count 1€=25000DONG, 10€=250000D 40€=1 millionD,100€=2.500000D, here almost everything is paid in cash the euro is also sometimes accepted as well as the credit card in large establishments less true in the mountains.

All in all the communal or private rooms in the homestay are quite adequate, the breakfasts are composed of pancakes and jam in sufficient quantity and when the package includes the evening meal there is a variety of local dishes and different depending on the stages where we stop.

The hotels as a whole are very good we had nice surprises for some high-end, the breakfast is copious at the continental or sometimes with a touch of local
As far as the walking activities are concerned, we have to stay in shape because sometimes we go up the mountainside to join a steep path with a very significant difference in altitude but when we reach the top, the reward is offered before our eyes or We discover an unrivalled panorama.

A special mention for our guide Le Van Duc, who is a friendly boy, dynamic with good advice for meals taken outside the cottages, a perfect knowledge of his country composed of many ethnic groups present in the mountains, gifted with humor in French, always available to answer our questions, thanks to him who knew how to make our trip as pleasant as possible the time seemed short to us and we saw him leave with regret when he put us on the night train to Hue.

This trip with my children and my little girl was a fabulous discovery where we were amazed, when the photos we don't count them anymore because they are so numerous, on the handicrafts side we tried to spread our purchases throughout our trip where we had to buy a suitcase to put our treasures, Don't forget to be generous with your guide who knew how to make your life easy and don't forget the driver who knew how to bring you to your destination.

AGENCY:VIETNAM DISCOVERIES will remain my favorite, I would not hesitate to tell my friends who would like to come and discover your beautiful country with all the treasures that the north of Vietnam has to offer.



The adventure of traveling to Vietnam with the Kommer family
A 3-Week Discovery of Vietnam Off the Beaten Track

Xenia Kommer's Family Travel Diary

[29/3/24]: Tony and the driver are great! And everything we've seen and done too 😊

[1/4/24]: Hello! We are back from the boat in Halong Bay. It was very beautiful! I didn't tell you that we ate crickets last 😁 week In Tam Coc the boys played football with children from there 😉

[3/4/24]: Hello, we arrived safely in Hoi An today. Everything is great, the hotel is very nice. Yesterday the boys swam in the Hue😉 River

[5/4/24]: Hoi An diving, I don't do it but the boys love it 😃

Hello Mrs. Huyen and all her team,

We had dreamed it, we had prepared our trip with the guides, and now we are back, with the images still fresh in our minds.

Thank you and congratulations for this perfect organization, despite the fact that a flight was delayed a day at the last minute. We found our guides and drivers as planned, the guides were friendly, spoke perfect Spanish, the "busy" program was respected.

Recounting our journey could become a real novel, so we will talk about the main points. Now, worry before leaving because the guides said that we should avoid the Tet period, that for the lunar new year everything was closed, anyway what joy, flowers, decorations, events everywhere.

👉Hanoi, staying in the center, after a tour of the city, and a visit to Kampa Tour, a well-deserved siesta, we set off on foot (without a guide) through the narrow streets (thanks to the GPS to find the hotel).

👉The next day, visits to museums, great water puppet show.

👉Day 3: Halong Bay on land, boat ride, overnight in Ninh Binh (Tam Coc)

👉Day 4: Return to Hanoi, visit Bai Binh Pagoda.

👉Day 5 & 6: Visit to Halong Bay, fog was forecast for us, indeed in the morning: fog over the bay, but towards noon Kampa Tour predicted a beautiful and bright sun. Splendid! Visit to a cave, night on the boat.

👉Day 7: Visit the imperial city, making incense sticks and hats, walk along the Song Huong, drink the iced tea full of many good things - excellent!

👉Day 8, 9 & 10: Hue Road, Hoi An via Da Nang, magnificent mountain road in the middle of the clouds. Too bad, we didn't have time to stop at the pass, nor in Da Nang, a city known for its military base during the war between the United States and the Vietcong. Hoi AN, the city of lanterns and colonial houses, we attended a great show on the island of Hoi An Memories. Japanese bridge under construction for several years, visit to the rice paddies, discovery of the beach during our rest day.

👉Day 11: Hoi An Ho Chi Min

👉Day 12: Ho Chi Min - Ben Tré. Mekong crosses over magnificent bridges, Very nice hostel in a natural setting. Visit a chocolate factory, boat ride, visit to a brick factory.

👉Day 13: Ben Tré, Tra Vin, Cantho, motorcycle tour, visit to a Kmer temple.

👉Day 14: everything accelerates, in addition to the visits, we have to go back to Saigon, and take the plane back to Phu Quoc. For a well-deserved rest.

👉Until the 18th: Phu Quoc Island, sun, beach, scooter tour. Magnificent fireworks on the night of the Tet festival (Chantal didn't want to take the bike, so considering the traffic, the taxi was a good idea). View from the hostel, at the Sea Star Hotel). Visit the ghost town to the south (not in the guidebooks!). Reproduction of Rome with the Colosseum, a bridge over the sea, extraordinary because it is deliberately split in half, so it cannot be used for crossing.

👉Day 18, Very sad, we left Phu Quoc to take the plane back to Hanoi and back.

We couldn't tell everything, because it would have been a real novel, our curious side made us discover many things, events, people, which enriched our knowledge of Vietnam, its 1000 years of war history". We always felt safe, even in crowded places, we enjoyed the typical small restaurants. It was a wonderful trip thanks to you, thank you so much.

Thank you again for your perfect organization, thanks to the whole team, to Madame Nhung, our correspondent during the organization of our trip, to the lady who took care during our stay and to our guides Zin, Tiem, Yummy, Ham and Lam.

With all our friendship,

Chantal & Daniel

Chantal & Daniel
I couldn't expect for more, it's so wonderful