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Mrs. DUONG Thi Lan
Travel Consultant
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Our activities

Regular activities at Kampá Tour encompass new destination research, skill-oriented training sessions in tourism and everyday life, and annual holiday commemorations. These initiatives are strategically designed to continually elevate our service quality for clients while fostering a cohesive team dynamic among all staff members.
A warm encounter with a renowned bamboo artisan
Inspection trip to Pu Luong 2023
Vietnamese Womens Day
Training : Urgent First Aid
Inspection trip to Ha Giang 2023
A warm encounter with a renowned bamboo artisan

November 2023 - Kampá Tour had the opportunity to engage with Mr. Tan Vo, a famous bamboo artisan from Hoi An, Vietnam. Driven by passion for his craft, he's dedicated to preserving cultural values through this art form. To him, bamboo embodies the cultural and spiritual beauty of the Vietnamese.

While staying in Hoi An, explore his workshop nestled in nature with Kampá Tour. You'll have the chance to learn how to craft bamboo items under his guidance, creating your own unique Vietnam memories. A must-visit for enthusiasts of craftsmanship and Vietnamese culture !

Inspection trip to Pu Luong 2023

November 2023 - The Kampá Tour team has just completed its on-site scouting in Pu Luong, unveiling exciting new hiking routes. Join us to experience unique and enriching adventures in the heart of this exceptional natural destination!

Vietnamese Women's Day

October 20, 2023 - On Vietnamese Women's Day, we celebrate the women who are integral members of our team. Their invaluable contribution is a true inspiration. Thank you for everything you do.

Happy Women's Day to all Vietnamese women and women around the world!

Training : Urgent First Aid

September 2023 - We took part in a practical session focusing on emergency first aid, covering situations such as drowning, electric shocks, stroke, fractures, and more.

This session proved to be extremely informative and meaningful, equipping each individual or group with essential skills to deploy when faced with emergency situations.

Inspection trip to Ha Giang 2023

October 2023 - Field reconnaissance in Ha Giang, the mountainous region in Northern Vietnam, unveils wild and magnificent natural landscapes. Kampá Tour is committed to continuously seeking and providing our valued clients with new, exciting, and high-quality experiences.